LCP Salutes workers of Lebanon and calls for massive participation in May 1 demonstration

  LCP Political Bureau
On the first of May, International Workers' Day, all salutes to its makers; Those who wrote it with their blood, sweat, and sacrifices in the arenas of struggle, in the face of those who robbed and robbed of their rights, efforts, and tiredness from the systems of tyranny and subordination, the systems of the owners of capital and its protectors.

It is the day of those who made their factories and their bodies bridges through which protest marches and revolutions pass, in order to overthrow the brutal authority of capital that controls the fate of peoples, victims of systems of dependence and exploitation. All salutes to this history of struggle that continues to this day for dignity, freedom, and a living dipped in blood and sweat.


 The occasion comes, and our Lebanese people suffer from unparalleled injustice at the hands of a ruling political system that is heavily armed with a murderous sectarian regime that has provided and continues to provide it with all the means to evade its crimes committed as a result of its dependence on the conditions of the owners of capital, their supporters and employers. The total collapse has reached the point of affecting all aspects of human dignity, including food, health, education and social security... Immigration queues are increasing, and obstruction is expanding and almost affecting all official institutions... Lebanon today is in the eye of the storm of this collapse, and its ruling system is covering its inability to stop and resolve the collapse. The political leadership is shutting mouths and tightening the sectarian polarization in preparation for using it to protect the system.

And from the depths of this total collapse, Labor Day comes this year to be an occasion in which the workers of Lebanon renew all the meanings of this holiday so that it is a celebration of victory for national dignity, and a station of open confrontation against this authority and its political system, in which they raise red flags fluttering, as a pledge and loyalty to the martyrs of the working class The Lebanese who embodied, through their long struggle, the inseparability of the cause of liberation and change for a free country and a happy people.

They are the workers who took up arms, and among them were the martyrs who fell on all fronts: against the partition and federalization projects, and in the national resistance against the Zionist aggression and occupation, and in the national and demand battles in the demonstrations and confrontations and in the squares, streets and factories against exploitation, impoverishment and class violence in the Ghandour Factory and the Tobacco farmers’ Tobacco and the workers of the Regie Company, in the student movement, and in the national and popular uprising on October 17, 2019.


Our project is clear and explicit. It is a project for a secular, democratic state of social justice. A country capable of prosecuting the system of crime, corruption, and impoverishment responsible for the plundering of public money and the explosion of the port. A country capable of recovering the purchasing power of workers’ salaries, wages, pensions, and their compensation in looted guarantee funds, restoring small and medium deposits, providing comprehensive health coverage, free quality education, electricity, water, public transportation, public housing projects, and a progressive tax system on profits and capital, and on those who have accumulated profits from high interest. And the most important one believes that he can achieve these rights as long as this system that robbed them in power, the obligatory path to achieve these demands and rights is to change this political authority through the concert of all political, economic, trade union, youth and women efforts to build a popular bloc led by a national political front capable of waging the conflict and changing the balance of power.


This is our cry, by the way, at the hour of saying and deed, the cry of the first of May, the cry of the mass popular demonstration in which the Lebanese Communist Party calls upon the workers of Lebanon and their independent trade union movement and all workers, employees, farmers, low-income earners and all the forces of democratic change, to participate in it, which will start from Barbir Square towards Riad El-Solh Square, on Monday, May 1, 2023, at eleven in the morning.


Long live the first of May, glory and eternity to his righteous martyrs