LCP calls to overthrow the murderous regime and its foreign-supported political system

  Political Bureau of The Lebanese Communist Party
LCP calls to overthrow the murderous regime and its foreign-supported political system A Statement by the Lebanese Communist Party, August 7th 2020 Beirut- Lebanon

 The Lebanese Communist Party (LCP) believes that the national catastrophe which occurred after the destruction of Beirut's port and many neighborhoods of the capital, - and resulted in hundreds of martyrs and thousands of causalities- can only be considered a major crime against the nation. This crime is committed by a political authority who has a big record of neglect, corruption, and a lack of national responsibility. In this context, LCP expresses its deep condolences to all Lebanese nationals and residents, who lost their beloved ones, and expresses the highest forms of solidarity with tens of thousands of affected citizens- who are paying the now the cost of this catastrophe. In this regard, our party will like to highlight the following points:

The entire political system- not only the cabinets formed from 2014 until now-, but also those formed since 1992 is responsible for this disastrous crime- no matter what were the direct and technical factors that produced the explosion. The entire political system which made the state an apparatus for political clientilism, and sectarian favoritism is what paved the way for such a crime to happen. Moreover, all the country’s sectarian political factions whose political agenda were always affiliated to external entities is what made our country a fertile land for international interventions, particularly US interventions in our domestic political affairs. These agendas made it hard for the state to address the real needs of the people and to act upon them, including the recent catastrophe. In this context, the current economic and financial crisis, the blatant inability to secure the simplest public services to confront the Corona epidemic, and the exacerbation of the electricity and fuel crisis, were also parts of the catastrophe, but it happened to culminate in the horrific Beirut Port explosion. LCP considers that our sectarian political system makes it hard for the state and the people to resist the American-Zionist project in the region, nor we can build a nation that is worth all national sacrifices made ever since this country was established. Our party sees that the priority now is on behalf of the reformist groups and organisations who need to join their efforts to bring down the government and form instead a new transitional government, whose ministers should not be affiliated to any of the country’s political factions. Such a government is a top priority in order to build a new, modern, democratic, and national state. Only such a state will be able to address three crises that our country was and still facing: the economic collapse underway, the Coronavirus epidemic along with its health damages, and the repercussions resulting from the Beirut Port explosion. In this context, the party affirms that the Lebanese people today are at a historical crossroads from which there can be no turning back, and that the explosion of the port has opened a new political landmark. Besides this catastrophic explosion, it can be an opportunity to renew the political system and sets the stage for a new social contract.


LCP refuses any attempt to take advantage of this national catastrophe or re-direct its effect and implications on directions other than the national ones. In this context, people’s solidarity campaigns and their high sense of humanitarianism and voluntarism should be the base to build the future of Lebanon. Instead of stressing the need for this newly formed national bond, some forces are making using this occasion in such a way to promote sectarian, and regional strife. The party affirms that the time is now for unity and national solidarity, and not for any divisive, racial or exclusionist discourse. The party specifically rejects all attempts of the political or sectarian forces to take the advantage of this crime in order to adjust the internal balance of power, or to bring foreign powers to intervene in the country’s domestic affairs.


The Lebanese Communist Party calls – in light of the lack of confidence in the ruling system - for the establishment of a civilian investigation committee independent of the political authority- to clarify the truth and identify the responsibilities. Such an investigation is extremely needed to know whose responsibility was the crime, and to know all people/entities who might be responsible because of their mismanagement and negligence. This independent civil committee is the guarantee for the Lebanese to reach the truth and accountability, and it must include national and legal figures and institutions known for their professionalism and independence, and most of them were highly involved in the October 17 uprising. The party believes that this committee guarantees that the Lebanese collectively possess the path of investigation and justice away from bias, obscurity and internationalization. LCP considers the French President visit as an extra signal of renewed international support and legitimization of the political system. Over the past 30 years, France, as well as other foreign power supported the corrupt political system. These powers were directly financing the state institutions that is controlled and managed by corrupt political factions and to the and France was a direct financer in Paris I, II, and III conferences. Also, the French authorities still detain in its prison, the Freedom Fighter- George Ibrahim Abdallah- and by this France is violating all decisions issued by the French judiciary, and therefore responded to pressures from the US administration and the Zionist entity.


LCP calls on the Lebanese citizens to adhere to their patriotism, which has proved to be a safety valve in all difficult circumstances that Lebanon has been through. The party believes that the task of building a modern citizenship state presides over any other attempt to leverage foreign powers position and providing them with the tools and resources to intervene in Lebanon’s domestic affairs. Such calls would provide a fertile land to fragment state institutions, and undermine national sovereignty. Moreover, the calls for foreign powers to establish a mandate over our country’s territory had always been one of many strength elements used by the political elites; the political system had always benefited from the legitimacy of the foreign powers. However, LCP appreciates and acknowledges the in-kind contributions, medical supplies, and logistics material provided by many countries, organisations, and Lebanese diaspora. We are thankful of this global assistance. These contributions form a good basis of a global humanitarian aid, in times of crises, which LCP always seek to strengthen it through its network with Leftist parties all over the world.


The party calls for rapid financial compensation for all those affected. LCP urges authorities to provide shelter for the homeless people in the hotels and uninhabited apartments. Furthermore, our party call on to provide financial, health, and social supports for all households affected by the explosion, and to exempt residents of Beirut and all neighboring municipalities from taxes, municipal fees, electricity and water bills- whether due this month or the upcoming months.


LCP which considers the current stage to be the stage of democratic change par excellence, firmly reject any attempt from the official authorities to pose any restrictions on the freedom of speech, freedom of association, and the freedom of assembly. In this context, the party sees the importance of the imposed “state of emergency “, but warns authorities in case it has intentions to have it as a permanent measure.

 The Lebanese Communist Party considers that the forces of the 17th October national uprising are urged to restore the pulse to the street and escalate the confrontation against the ruling authoritarian system by proposing its alternative program. Therefore, all political groups- operating under October 17 umbrella- should join hands and unite their efforts to establish a unified political framework that would take the lead in organizing the next wave of the uprising. In this framework, the party calls for gathering and demonstrating in Martyrs' Square on Saturday, August 8 at 4 pm, under the slogans highlighted in this statement. In a parallel track, LCP urges all its members to engage with all relief orgnaisations in order to provide aid to the wounded people, help in removing and clearing up the rubble in the surrounding areas, and provide shelters for the displaced. On a final note, LCP calls its members and supporters to be up to the moment, and request from them to possess the highest levels possible of political and organizational preparedness in this delicate stage. This is extremely important to achieve the political goals of the uprising. And, to secure the fastest transition toward a new Lebanon- a country whose values are based on modernity, freedom, democracy, and social justice.









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