Political Bureau of the LCP: in response to the slanders and attacks of the fascists of the Lebanese Forces and its leader

  LCP Political Bureau
In a tight and pre-planned ambush, the Lebanese Forces militias attacked the popular demonstration called by the Committee of the Families of the Port Victims, in which national, democratic, union, and civil forces and groups from the components of the October 17 uprising, including the Lebanese Communist Party, participated. The course of the demonstration was scheduled and announced a whole week ago to pass through the main street of the Gemmayzeh area, where there is no Lebanese Forces office, contrary to what Samir Geagea claimed.

So what happened?

 Geagea's militias were ready and equipped with all their apparent equipment, including sticks, firecrackers, knives, pistols and stones, to attack the demonstration upon its arrival to the ambush. They were behind, around, and in front of the demonstration in a military cordon, which is documented in a video that shows the militia of LF on large vehicles in military uniform waiting for the demonstration to arrive and some of them spread on the roofs of the buildings.

All of this exposes Geagea's lies and slanders in audio and video and in facts that no longer deceive anyone. They are also responsible for every drop of blood shed from the demonstrators, which included an attempted murder by the cowardly stabs by knives that pierced his body all the way to his lungs and beating with sticks on the head of the demonstrator Mazen Abu Zeid who was one of the faces of the October 17 uprising in Nabatiyeh Square in the South. He committed no sin other than passing through Gemmayzeh Street and raising his voice against all the forces of the ruling authority.

As for the second crime, the two young men, Johnny and Jack Barakat, were kidnapped, beaten, photographed and forced to say phrases that are far from their beliefs under the pressure of death threats, just as the organs of oppressive and tyrannical regimes do, in addition to dozens of other attacks that included stabbings with knives and beatings with sticks. Does wearing the Palestinian scarf as an expression of solidarity with the Palestinian people, and does the political affiliation with the October 17 uprising,  call for this kidnapping, intimidation, and publishing the recordings?

We also express our strong condemnation of the ruling regime and the parliament that released Geagea with a special pardon and legitimized his history full of crimes. This faction has shown that it is still continuing in the practices of the civil war for which it was famous of kidnapping, torture and killing on identity, although it took place at the hands of a generation supposed to have been born after the war, but the education of the LF was imbued with its fascism and criminality which we strongly condemn and reject.

We call on all the Lebanese to struggle together against this fascist approach and to overthrow the racist and sectarian regime that its corrupt regime uses as a means of its class exploitation through its sectarian discourse by spreading divisions and aggressive practices. We also invite them to walk together on the path of real change, the path of building a civil, secular, democratic state as a rescue project, an alternative to federalization and cantonment projects.

We also hold the security forces responsible for not protecting the security of the demonstration while they are protecting the parties of the ruling regime that robbed the public money and public property and committed crimes and whose policy caused the total collapse and looting, impoverishment and displacement of the Lebanese, and still refuses to lift the immunity of the accused MPs. We hold them responsible for bringing the aggressors to the justice, as their faces and names were documented clearly and unambiguously, and let everyone bear responsibility for what happened, including the remainder of a judiciary capable of bringing the perpetrators to justice immediately.

The Lebanese Forces are an integral part of the ruling coalition and the deep state that brought together the leaders of sects, monopolies, and de facto forces, and it remains so despite its failure to ride the wave of the uprising. Geagea is one of the guardians of this sectarian system, along with the other parties. He is a partner in the crime of bankrupting Lebanon and impoverishing and displacing the people. He is a key partner in the struggle over fat portfolios, clientelism, appointments, presidential and governmental settlements, and budgets. He is the instigator of sectarianism and divisions and the perpetuation of this system. He is the one who openly defends banks and capital, and he is the one who claims sovereignty and sleeps on the thresholds of the conspiratorial American embassies and Arab normalization regimes, and links himself to their projects in Lebanon and the region.

Samir Geagea unleashed his thugs to explode sedition and attack the October 17 uprising in memory of the painful port crime, as other powers of authority have repeatedly done in several arenas before, which actually reflects the miserable failure of the forces to ride on the wave of the uprising and expose its main authoritarian role. The forces of the intifada have completely expelled him from it, the last of which was in the Engineers Syndicate elections, so he decided to take cowardly revenge and return to his basic discourse based on tightening the sectarian divisions.

To Samir Geagea and his forces, we say: The Lebanese communists and patriots are not a canton, sect, or militia, but rather they are from all of Lebanon and to all the Lebanese. They are the arteries of its national unity that extends into every region, city, village, neighborhood and street. They are the ones who struggled under the leadership of their Secretary General, the comrade Martyr Faraj Allah Al Helou, against the regimes of tyranny, subordination and military alliances, and he was martyred under torture.

They are the ones who responded to the call of their General Secretary, Martyr George Hawi, to resist the Zionist occupation when the Lebanese forces were cooperating with them, unleashing the Lebanese National Resistance Front with its call and its great national connotations.

They are the ones who confronted the ruling system and sowed the seeds of the October 17 uprising and were at its heart from the beginning, and they continue today with every determination and will And unity to turn it into a national democratic revolution that overthrows this system and its murderous political system.


And just as we protected the Intifada from foreign agendas in which our people have no interest, we will continue to protect it with our souls and bodies in the face of all the parties of the system and in the arenas of the uprising in all regions.


We will be there against you, we will confront you politically, in the media, in the streets and in the judiciary, and we will prevent your gang from achieving its divisive, subversive, and isolationist goals.


 Lebanon is for all the Lebanese, all regions are their regions, and all squares are their squares, and the secular, democratic national change project will bring down your backward, reactionary projects and turn them into the dustbin of history.



Beirut on 6/8/2021

Political Bureau of the Lebanese Communist Party