LCP Political Bureau: To confront the decision to lift subsidies and escalate confrontation against the tyrannical starvation system

The Governor of the Central Bank, Riad Salameh, the official spokesman for the financial junta and banks and the protector of the interests of the leaders of the state has declared the decision to stop fuel subsidies with the approval of the Higher Defense Council, a decision that will bear enormous burdens on the Lebanese.

This decision is the inevitable result - which we have always warned of - of a series of successive facts that are still taking place since the October 2019 uprising:


First, the corrupt government intends to practice the policy of “free fall” by letting the repercussions of the economic collapse react randomly without any controls.


Second, giving the green light to the governor of the Central Bank - which is being pursued today by embezzlement allegations - to fill the void and control the economic, financial and monetary decisions in collusion with the banks and in isolation from its devastating social consequences.


Third, the daily humiliation of the Lebanese citizen in front of gas stations, bakeries, pharmacies and hospitals, all in order to push the people towards despair, surrender and submit once again to the process of buying and selling loyalties in favor of the influential parties that are trying to produce the “Mikati” government as a “salvation government” after the incident.


The country today is in danger, and the Lebanese people are blown away by hunger, unemployment, disease and impoverishment, and they are exposed and unprotected, and left to extortion, exploitation and smuggling networks.

Let us raise our voices loudly and let the popular anger be a catalyst for further escalation of the popular confrontation against the regime and the ruling class that clings to its murderous regime, and to prevent it from turning into a confrontation between the citizens themselves.

 In the face of this painful reality and the blockage of the horizon of change in light of the regime’s use of its bodies, judiciary, security, thugs, media, and those in charge of its religious institutions to perpetuate its control, the Lebanese Communist Party affirms its absolute rejection of the decision to lift support and the policies of the influential ruling parties.

The LCP calls for an escalation of confrontation and struggles and launching all broad popular movements, in the streets and squares and in all Lebanese regions, sectors, and in front of the institutions of the executive and legislative authorities, along with the Central Bank, the banks, the centers of monopolies, and the drug, food and fuel cartels in Beirut, the regions, towns and villages, up to the uprooting of the system of dependency abroad and the subordinate and tyrannical system of starvation with the fate of the Lebanese.

Beirut on 8/12/2021

Lebanese Communist Party

Political Bureau