Statement of the Health Sector of Lebanese Communist Party on Coronavirus and Health Negligence

  Health Sector LCP
Within our glorious uprising for the fifth consecutive month and under the corrupt authority's ignorance to all popular demands, we are witnessing a health and social negligence crisis threatening the lives of thousands of Lebanese, where it is obvious the inability of the Ministry of Health to absorb the events and to reduce coronavirus transmission risk that threatens the lives of the Lebanese.

Knowing that the World Health Organization had warned and declared that Lebanon is one of the countries that are unable to confront and prevent the spread of this virus, and that the Lebanese Ministry of Health did not set any plan to face the potential risk and did not work to equip hospitals, neither with diagnostic examination nor with appropriate procedures.
The ruling authority is showing its complete impotence after they wreaked tremendous corruption on the country and distorted all institutions. This authority has been inflicting damage on Lebanon’s reputation, role and mission. This apathetic authority is claiming the current government to reform what they had screwed, forgetting that the corrupt health system bears witness to the collapse and corruption caused by the existing political class. Real reform can only be achieved by honest experts and national figures away from the authority of sectarianism, political quotas and self interests.
We, the health sector of the Lebanese Communist Party, are calling for the declaration of health emergency and the formation of a committee composed of specialized doctors to face this health disaster.

The health sector of the Lebanese Communist Party
February 22, 2020