Education sector of LCP: The ‘Educational TV’ is a must to guarantee free remote learning

  Education Sector LCP
In light of the outbreak of COVID -19 and its repercussions on the lives of teachers, employees, and all society members, we call the Lebanese authorities in general and the Ministry of Education in specific to undertake all measures that are deemed necessary to control this virus.

The measures that we suggest in this regard are outlined below:
• The government should shut down all public administrations for at least two weeks in a full closure mode. The government afterward will decide if such a decision will last or not in light of the conditions and circumstances surrounding the status of the Coronavirus in Lebanon.
• The government should shut down all public and private educational institutions in a full closure mode (schools, universities, vocational and technical institutes, the Center for Educational Reform and Development). Currently, some teachers, faculty members, and service providers are obliged to show up in the organisations they work in for handling and/or following up on administrative duties.
• Regarding remotely online learning techniques, and in light of the absence of standardized methods and non-affordability of these techniques to large proportions of the society especially the poor people, we call the authorities to develop a mechanism that would guarantee equality of resources and access to these methods. Our party considers that organizing this issue falls under the responsibility of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. Therefore, the ministry should activate the ‘Educational TV ‘which is affiliated to the Educational Center for Research and Development. If such a mechanism is put in place, it would allow all students who are enrolled in public and private schools to enjoy a free and fair educational system through the state-owned TV (TeleLiban).
• The Educational Center for Research and Development should coordinate with the Ministry of Education in order to recommend the most suitable ways that would guarantee the official exams taking place without any interruption to the academic year. Such communication should be done remotely to avoid any physical interaction between teachers and/or administrators.
Finally, we hope that all our students and teachers remain in safe conditions.


March 3, 2020
Education Sector
Lebanese Communist Party