Lebanese Communist Party: To Overthrow the “Deal of the Century”

  Political Bureau LCP
The Lebanese Communist Party condemns and strongly rejects the American administration’s project reflected in the "deal of the century" which aimed at the final liquidation of the Palestinian cause, and considers it a criminal decision that carries catastrophic repercussions for the Palestinian people and their rights, as well as, for the region’s future.

The historical right of the Palestinian people to liberate their national territory with Jerusalem as its capital is a right that cannot be negotiated or conceded by any authority, state, or international body no matter how important it is.
Trump's decisions and promises to dedicate Jerusalem, Jordan Valley, occupied Syrian Golan and settlements in the West Bank to the Zionist entity are aggressive and void decisions that would not pass at the expense of Palestinian people and their cause.
On this basis, the Lebanese Communist Party calls on all Palestinian factions to unite behind resistance and confrontation, and to stop any security or other coordination operations with the occupation. The Party calls on all official, popular, Arab and international political forces to reject this so-called deal and to work jointly, with full force, to overthrow it and prevent it from achieving its goals. The party also calls on the Lebanese people and the popular uprising to organize a national day of solidarity with Palestinian people, in all areas and regions.


Political Bureau - Lebanese Communist Party
January 29, 2020.