Statement of the IMCWP in support of Palestine

The parties participating in the 23rd International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties(IMCWP) held in Izmir, Turkey, 19-22 October 2023:

1. We demand that Israel's aggression and blockade on the Gaza Strip and the West Bank stop now. We
call on the people to continue to take to the streets to struggle, to organize popular mobilizations
against Israeli aggression all around the world.
We express our full solidarity with the Palestinian people and condemn the brutal military offensive,
the inhuman blockade and the barbarous genocide by the Israel in the Gaza Strip, with thousands of
dead civilians, children and elderly, deprived of food, water, medicine and electricity. We denounce the
support of the USA, Britain, NATO and the EU for the Israeli offensive.

2. We condemn the decade-long Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories, the killings,
imprisonment, persecution and settlements. We defend the right of the Palestinian people to a free
homeland, to be masters of their own land. We demand an end to the Israeli occupation, the creation
and recognition of an independent Palestinian state, the cessation and dismantling of the illegal
settlements in the Palestinian territories, the release of prisoners from Israeli jails, the return of refugees
in accordance with UN resolution 194.
The occupation of Palestine by Israel, supported by US-NATO imperialism, is the source of the
suffering of the Palestinian people, and all the peoples of the region. As long as the occupation
continues, the conflicts will continue, the peoples will be prevented from living in peace, they will be
in danger of being caught in the vortex of a generalised war.

3. The Communist and Workers' Parties participating in the 23rd IMCWP, express their
internationalist solidarity and call upon the workers, the peoples, the youth, in all countries to
strengthen the struggle to stop the massacre in the Gaza Strip and end the occupation of Palestine by
Israel to express decisive solidarity with the just struggle of the Palestinian people.