LCP Central Committee: For mobilization on Aug. 4 under the slogan of "lifting the immunities, accountability, and removing the ruling system"

  LCP Central Committee
Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s apology for forming the government came to confirm that the Lebanese crisis is not just a governmental crisis as much as it is a crisis of a political and economic system that destroys all the necessities of survival and life in Lebanon from food, water, medicine and electricity and leads to queues of humiliation in front of gas stations.


The concession which comes nine months after his assignment is a further evidence of the inability of the ruling authorities, with all its parties, to control the crisis and its contradictions. This inability is accompanied by chaos and criminality in the way the collapse is managed and their attempts to gain time in various ways and means, to cover up the failure of this system’s policies and evade paying the price for what it has have committed against the people.


The comprehensive collapse has reached a dangerous and unprecedented level after the ruling system subjected the country to the largest organized social and class robbery, in which it stole the future of its people, overthrew the basic elements of its existence and wreaked corruption, confessionalism and subordination to foreign interventions. This regime, which has ruled Lebanon for thirty years, bears direct responsibility.


It is a shameful scene to say the least: an inherent inability to manage the country’s affairs. The system exposed Lebanon and exposed it to the dangers of escalating foreign interference through the projects, conferences and international missions sent to Lebanon under the guise of “humanitarian” aid. These same foreign powers are the ones that financed the corruption of the ruling class during the past four Paris conferences and supported this derelict regime at the expense of our people, while they are yet to reveal satellite imagery of the port explosion despite the passage of a year since its occurrence.


Ambassadors move and roam at home and abroad, ignoring all protocols and traditions, while some of them, especially the Americans, know the amount of looted and smuggled funds and the accounts of their owners without disclosing them because their goal is to consolidate their guardianship and impose their political conditions related to the deal of the century and the demarcation of borders with the Zionist enemy (including in the gas fields) rather than helping the Lebanese to recover their wealth.


The political dealings of the ruling forces with the repercussions of the economic and financial collapse, which has elapsed for 21 months, has resulted in nothing but failure and conspiracy. The burdens of collapse were thrown on the poor and middle classes in exchange for an organized smuggling of dollars abroad for the benefit of senior politicians and owners of banks and capital through the central bank and banks in addition to the smuggling of subsidized goods and fuel across borders through organized networks.

With the lifting of subsidies, the collapse of the national currency, the increase in the cost of living and the disintegration of the purchasing power of workers, wage earners, and the middle classes, and with the collapse of health insurance and social protection systems with the beginnings of a new wave of the mutated Corona epidemic, the rulers have inherited the Lebanese, especially workers, youth, young women and the poor and middle strata suffering, destitution, hunger, immigration and the harshest feelings of fear and anxiety about their future.


In the face of this regime and its rulers, it is necessary to raise a loud voice in their face: your treatments and your superficial attempts to patch the issues are no longer feasible. Your system is in a state of clinical death, and it is being used, when it is in its worst state of weakness and collapse, as a bargaining chip at the negotiating table taking place today at the regional level.


The Lebanese have no choice but to overthrow this regime, its ruling forces, and its outdated political, financial, and security system, and build a secular, democratic state, a state of social justice. The blatant attempt of the regime forces to stop and impede investigations by not lifting immunities in the crime of the port explosion, and to cover up the defendants’ political and security leaders, under flimsy pretexts, the latest of which was the scandal of the petition signed by representatives belonging to several parliamentary blocs to transfer the case to the inexistant “Supreme Council for the Trial of Presidents and Ministers” and that, even if it does get formed, how can an accused system try itself by itself? It is a petition to flee from justice, which proves the direct political accusation of the political and security leaders in terms of their direct responsibility for negligence and carelessness in this horrific crime.


The Central Committee of the Lebanese Communist Party, based on the foregoing, directs:

To the system of authority: You are directly responsible for the major national crime that has befallen the Lebanese, and you must bear the responsibility and pay the price. You have forcefully displaced, killed, starved and impoverished the people: your regime fell and its burial is a must, and your destiny is to fall and to be held accountable, not to stay in power and pass it on from the grandfather, to the son, to the grandson...


To our Lebanese people: You deserve the best for your rebellion against hunger, disease and destitution. You are the defender of national dignity that was wasted by the authority hanging around the doors of embassies. You deserve health, education, work, housing and development. Workers, peasants, wage earners and all disadvantaged groups deserve a dignified and just life in their homeland, who defended it, resisted, martyred, liberated it, and rose up against its rulers: organizing ranks everywhere, in workplaces, villages, city squares, and neighborhoods, through popular committees, in the social alliance, and in union, sectoral and municipal bodies, is an escalation of the confrontation with this political system, its cronies, and its policies.


To the ambassadors of sedition and their envoys: You are the ones who have supported this system and its sectarian forces, and you have made for each of your foreign powers a party affiliated with it. You have taken over the guardianship of our political system for a hundred years and more: stop supporting this regime, polishing its image, interfering in Lebanon’s internal affairs, practicing incitement, deepening divisions, and supporting and financing subordinates.


To the forces of change: the confrontation is ongoing and the ruling regime is armed, so let us resolve our choice, and let the launch of the political coalition be the initiation to escalate the confrontation, to propose an alternative, and to unite ranks to adjust the balance of power and achieve the goals of our people’s uprising for change.


To our communist comrades we say: For nearly a century, you have been in the battlefields and arenas of struggle; you became conscious of your national and class issues and fought for them. You played an honorable, pioneering role in every event, and so will it be today. Let us organize behind the issues of our people and advance the ranks at the head of the open confrontation against the authoritarian-financial alliance.


Our people have nothing left to lose. To escalate the confrontation in Beirut and the regions and squares, to force the departure of this system from all its positions:

To launch broad popular movements, and to call on the Lebanese people to take to the streets and squares and conduct demonstrations in all Lebanese regions under the slogan “Removal of immunities, accountability and the departure of the ruling system” provided that these regional movements culminate on August 4 in Beirut in commemoration of this anniversary and to be a national day for justice and accountability.


To move before the institutions of the executive and legislative authorities, the symbols of the sectarian and confessional system, from the Presidential Palace, the Government Palace, and the House of Representatives, to the ministries, administrations, palaces of justice, regional secretaries and public institutions, along with banks, centers of monopolies, drug, food and fuel cartels, and to put pressure on their representatives wherever they are, whether they are in authoritarian parties or in administrative, judicial, municipal and trade union centers.


And let us work to inflict punishment against this system, which has wreaked the dignity of our people, and to expand the circle of confrontation in all future entitlements, similar to what happened in the elections of the Bar Association, Student Councils, and the Engineers Syndicate, which dealt a well-deserved blow to all the parties in power who were greeted and appreciated from the uprising of our people and its patriotic and democratic forces.


 Beirut on 7/22/2021

The Central Committee of the Lebanese Communist Party