Against fascism and war

75th Anniversary of the Victory over Nazi-fascism: In the name of freedom, peace and truth — Against fascism and war

The victory over Nazi-fascism in Second World War is a major event in History, the memory of which must be preserved and defended in the face of repeated attempts at historical falsification aimed at making us forget the decisive role played by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, by the communists and anti-fascists from around the world.

Nazi-fascism was the greatest terrorist manifestation of monopoly capital, responsible for the outbreak of this war of aggression and plunder that caused more than 50 million deaths, of which more than 20 million were Soviets, for countless suffering and the horror of concentration camps.


While commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Victory on historic May 9, 1945, the undersigned communist and workers' parties, certain that they portray the feelings and aspirations of workers and peoples from all over the world:

- Pay tribute to all those who gave their lives on the battlefields against the Nazi-fascist hordes and in particular to the heroic resistant and anti-fascist fighters and the heroic Soviet people and Red Army whose contribution was decisive for the Victory over barbarism;

- Value the outstanding advances in the process of social and national emancipation of the workers and peoples that the Victory and the advancement of the forces of social progress and peace made possible, with the extension of the field of socialist countries to Europe, Asia and Latin America, the achievements of the labour movement in capitalist countries, the sweeping development of the national liberation movement and the resulting liquidation of colonial empires, the proclamation of the United Nations Charter;

- Denounce and condemn the campaigns that aim to belittle, distort and even deny, the decisive role of the USSR and of the communists in the defeat of Nazi-fascism, expunge the responsibilities of big capital in the promotion and rise of fascism and in unleashing the war, and whitewash and rehabilitate fascism, while destroying the monuments and memory of the liberating Soviet army, promoting anti-communism and criminalizing communists and other anti-fascists;

- Alert that the most reactionary and aggressive sectors of imperialism are increasingly betting on fascism and war as a “way out” of the deepening crisis of the capitalist system, whose inhuman character becomes particularly obvious when, even in the face of the very serious epidemic outbreak of Covid-19, US imperialism and its allies continue a criminal policy of blockades and aggressions against countries and peoples;

- Commit themselves to the workers and peoples around the world to contribute to the convergence and common action of all social and political forces engaged in blocking the path to fascist barbarism, fighting imperialism and preventing a new war of tragic proportions; and consider that the struggle for peace, social progress and socialism are inseparable.


The situation with which the workers and peoples of the world are confronted stresses the importance of strengthening the anti-imperialist struggle, for sovereignty, for the rights of the workers and peoples, in the path of the revolutionary overcoming of the capitalist system, which breeds the injustices, dangers and contradictions of the present. As it was 75 years ago, it is the struggle of the communists and all those facing capitalist exploitation and oppression that will open the way for the future for Humanity.